Sunday, 6 January 2013

Irony Alert! Irony Alert!

Apparently, today, Jeremy "Hunt" wrote in the Sunday Telegraph that,

"Just as a manager wouldn't expect to keep their job if they lost control of their finances nor should they expect to keep it if they lose control of the care in their organisation either,"

This is Jeremy Hunt, remember. The same Jeremy Hunt who was basically a cheerleader for Rupert Murdoch while being in charge of the Department of Culture, and is now in charge of the Department of Health while being a proponent of homeopathy.  The same Jeremy Hunt who, as late as 2010, still thought Hillsborough was caused by football hooliganism, who was forced to repay nearly 10k of public money to allow his political agent to live in the house for which he was claiming allowances. And the same Jeremy Hunt who has been known to do some "morally wrong" (copyright, David Cameron) but perfectly legal tax avoidance. He is even the same Jeremy Hunt who was responsible for letting G4S run Olympic security. And the man whose appointment as Secretary of State for Health was hardly met with a ringing vote of confidence. In short, this is a man who should not even be trusted to have the the minimal requisite control to run with scissors.

And yet, he's still in the Cabinet.  Satire is dead.

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